Friday, November 9, 2012

Life is always presenting two sides could not inevitable, that happiness and sadness. The two sides were to present God as part of the phase of life.

Sadness sometimes make life uncomfortable, well that is not always a happy man. The essence of life is the ascent phase of life that always leads to moments of undeniable: death.

Death is depicted like a queue in a job interview. He seemed only waiting for the call, in order. When the angel came without invitation Zabaniyah, body and soul was torn, attracted, suffocating, no man, only God as the source of help.

"Say, real death from which you flee, you will definitely see. Then you will be returned to Allah the All-Knowing, the Unseen and the Visible and he gives you what you did, "(Surah Al-Jumuah: 8)

Reflection of the enormity of the death should be a material reflection for each human being. What we really helpless when death is before. Wealth, position, nan charming spouse, and all worldly desires disappear when the call is upon us suddenly.

All the dead will taste death, so the word of God reminds us in Surah Al-Ankabut verse 57. Even the Prophet Muhammad. also face the death pangs breathe his last.

Death of the Prophet with Aisha described berkucurnya sweat from his forehead, neck and all over his body. Prophet was said to Aisha, "O Aisha, real spirit of the believers came out with sweat and spirit infidels out of both jaws like a donkey's life," and the moments of death, he said, "Work on prayer, do pray!" (HR . Thabrani)

Prophet-as we know has been guaranteed to go to heaven breathe-up at the height of her death, was God stepping time for a moment not to be ordered Azrael their life? Did the Prophet did not feel any pain at all?

No. As a man, the Prophet felt the pain when the soul out of every nerve-vein out of context degrees prophetic.

Quoting from Imam Ghazali, in "Death Dzikrul Ba'dahu Wa Maa", he described how the Prophet felt the pain was, even looked moans from him until his skin color changed. He is also sweaty forehead, pull up and a puff of breath shaking right ribs and left him so that the people who watched him cry-fighting bear the pain.

Enormity was making him breathe his relentless prayed, "O God, ringankanlah me breathe his last," as for the other prayers in the history of Ibn Abd Dunya, "O God, you really took the spirit of the veins and children's fingers. O God, help me on death and ringankanlah. "

The essence of the two prayer is that Allah knows better breathe his poignant and painful death is described that is equal to three hundred times the blow with a sword.

If the Holy Prophet have asked rukhsa to God, then, what about us? Is there a maximum preparation for heading to the nature of eternity? Back Imam Ghazali said that since death can erode earthly desires is full of trickery.

Instead, greedy to the world and take it over, could weaken the faith, aside from oral recitation, undermining good deeds, to neglect to the death. Na'udzubillah. May Allah make us of His servants who have enough supplies so long for death.



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