Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Game entertainment is one of the very popular man, especially by teens and children. But we know it through the game play. We have been colonized in the time that can make us forget the prayers, was colonized in the faith through the game.
Game developers are not directly hypnotize us so that we are interested in what we play, and we eventually hardcore. Even feel that what is real play. Here are some games that might have intentionally or unintentionally insulting Islam.
A. Devil May Cry 3
Broadly speaking, this game tells the person on duty to oppose the devil, and the way it is with the devil inside the nest consisting of 12 doors. And let's see  Insulting elements.
You can see the door is a natural path to the devil. I first saw the door, we definitely feel normal, indeed there is nothing strange glance. Did you know? The picture below is the Kaaba door. Well, the door of the game was made exactly like the door of the Kaaba. That is what? None other is not with the intention of insulting Muslims, because we have unwittingly worshiping Satan nest (the Ka'aba). Whereas the circled part is lafadz God.
2. Clive Barker's Undying
This game also tells of the fight against the devil, and the location  Insulting are in when entering the palace of Satan. There are lafadz God in the walls.
3. Prince of Persia
Game set in place in Persia, or present which is the region of Iran, Iraq, Egypt's overall theme of Islam.
A prince whose story this is a revenge invisible penghinaanya no element of Islam. But upon investigation, penghinaanya element is that you can see his sword prince Dastan who reads Arabic, which means, "Spread my teaching'' though one verse which is the word of the Prophet Muhammad.
So where elements penghinaanya? In this game prince kill anyone in his way and kill the soldiers of Persia.
Did you know that Persia is a Muslim soldier. Indirectly this game say that the doctrine is the doctrine propagated Rasullulah killing and said that Muslims are barbarians.
4. Guitar Hero 3
Affront to Islam was evident in the presence of God lafadz the stage floor and trampled. Just look at the background of the stage which is the devil of all.
5. Resident Evil 4
This game is told of a charge of a mission to save the world from the threat of a zombie (undead).  the Insulting elements actually been around since the first time around, but it is very clear at the time of Leon Zombie into the nest.
The doors are a symbol of the Illuminati and the doors are made exactly to the door of Omar Bin Khattab, the Prophet's Mosque. Calligraphic image of Omar bin Khattab door is exactly the same, without change. Calligraphy writing is Berlafadz Prophet Muhammad and the overlap with the Illuminati symbol. So the purpose of this insult is we are all Muslims followers of the Prophet Muhammad portrayed like a zombie that must be eradicated from the earth.



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