Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ust Muhammad Arifin Ilham

Assalaamu alaikum wa wa rahmatullaahi barkaatuhu

Back before the break tonight and I'm taking my friend salehku you to contemplate the advice of Allah, "guarantee your me six things from you, I guarantee Paradise for you."
Right in the talk.
Keep their promises to God, such as prayer, alms, fasting, and others, as well as the promise in humans, such as the vows, oaths, and so forth.
Exert mandate.
Close genitalia and keep your dick.
Hold your eyes from the haram (pornogarafi).
Keep hands, like hitting is not right, receiving or giving the haram, not touching a mahram. (Reported by Ahmad, Ibn Hibban, and Bayhaqi).
"Allahumma ya Allah instill in our hearts the power and beauty of faith, adorn our lives with enjoyment of worship and glory of morals, and save us from all the slander and immoral desires ... Aamiin".
Editor: Slamet Riyanto



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