Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Circle of Merchants Arena Ciranjang has received a letter from the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission, with regard to the complaint of PPGC.
Letters are numbered: 227/K/VIII/2012, which contains

National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM) has received a letter of complaint dated 16 March 2012 from his pelamggaran complaints about human rights committed by police officers Resort Cianjur and sat Pol PP Cianjur regency. Besides that you also sent a letter dated 03/PPGC/VI/2012 numbers May 31, 2012. In essence, the letter conveying the rejection of the merchants of the revitalization process in Petokoan Arena Ciranjang market where revitalization process that will be implemented by investors (CV. Buana Lestari) does not involve the merchants and traders do not accommodate requests.

In connection with the complaint, Komnas HAM had follow up with.
1. Recommendations issued earlier on 19 March 2012 by Mobile: 530/K/PMT/III/2012
    complaints about merchants shopping venues Ciranjang addressed to the mayor and police chief Cianjur Cianjur.
2. To monitor the field on 13 april 2012
3. To call on the Government Cianjur and District Land Office
    Cianjur on 24 April 2012.
4. To call the developer CV. Buana Lestari on May 11, 2012.

Komnas HAM also appreciated the efforts of the law citizens, the discharge has DECISION SELA that the CV. Sustainable Buana may not conduct dilahan Shopping Venues Ciranjang, by the District Court Cianjur.
and if necessary the Commission is ready to give an opinion or an expert witness on the alleged violation of human rights in the process of revitalizing Market Ciranjang arena. This is in accordance with the provisions of Article 89 paragraph (3) letter h and SOP Mediation Commission 001/KOMNAS HAM/IX/2011 number.
Komnas HAM also hope citizens merchants can provide a written progress report problems to the National Human Rights Commission in order to do monotoring.

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