Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Traders Associations Ciranjang Arena has submitted a letter of complaint to the National Police Commission with number: 013/PPGC/VIII/2012, dated August 30, 2012 relating to the performance of the police in accordance with the authority of the National Police Commission.
Complaints submitted to the National Police Commission merchants citizens have gained numeraires registration: 390/12/Res/IX/2012, and has sent a letter of request clarification Kompolnas No: B/575/IX/2012/Kompolnas dated 12 September 2012 to the West Java Police Irwasda a copy to the police chief and the police chief Jabar Cianjur.

National Police Commission Police hope to follow up on complaints of citizens in the not too long, and the National Police Commission begged residents to immediately report if:

1. Got offensive treatment of members of the police at the time of follow up on complaints
2. You are not satisfied with the process or conduct a disciplinary hearing related to a civil case mix.

With the release of a letter from the National Police Commission, an indication that law enforcement officials are public servants and are obligated to protect and serve the people not vice versa.

work and serve the community



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