Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Iranian Navy warships crossed the Suez Canal of Egypt, in February of 2011.

Egyptian political groups stressed the importance of efforts to start a relationship with the Islamic Republic of Iran.
Peace Democratic Party chairman, Ahmad al-Fadhali told al-Alamtelevision said the next president of Egypt must build a strong relationship with Iran.
He said the next president of Egypt is only as strong and has a highpopularity if it does not follow the U.S. policy, Israel and the CampDavid agreement, but instead he implemented a policy to restore the relationship Cairo and Tehran as well as trying to liberate Palestine andal-Quds.
Naji al-Shahabi, a member of the Egyptian parliament to al-Alam said,pembatakan peace agreement with the Zionist Regime of Israel is thehope of him to the next president of Egypt.
"Egyptian efforts to forge ties with Arab states and Islam, includingIslamic Republic of Iran and the liberation of Palestine is an important issue that must be considered the next president of Egypt," said Najial-Shahabi.
Meanwhile, the Egyptian people themselves demanded government to establish relations with Iran. An Egyptian citizen in an interview withal-Alam said, if the Cairo government to establish relations with Tehran, this will be a major force for pressing the United States and Israel in the region.



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